Line Eden 18 Board

Top track Eden

Code Colour Length Item Collective packaging
04715 Silver 1700mm 1pcs 24pcs
04717 White gloss 1700mm 1pcs 24pcs
04716 Silver 2350mm 1pcs 24pcs
04718 White gloss 2350mm 1pcs 24pcs
04697 Silver 3000mm 1pcs 24pcs
04698 White gloss 3000mm 1pcs 24pcs
04728 Silver 6000mm 1pcs 24pcs
04727 White gloss 6000mm 1pcs 24pcs

Bottom track Gemini-Decor II

Code Colour Length Item Collective packaging
04591 Silver 1700mm 1pcs 12pcs
04586 Light brown 1700mm 1pcs 12pcs
04760 White gloss 1700mm 1pcs 12pcs
04592 Silver 2350mm 1pcs 12pcs
04587 Light brown 2350mm 1pcs 12pcs
04761 White gloss 2350mm 1pcs 12pcs
04593 Silver 3000mm 1pcs 12pcs
04588 Light brown 3000mm 1pcs 12pcs
04762 White gloss 3000mm 1pcs 12pcs
04594 Silver 4050mm 1pcs 12pcs
04589 Light brown 4050mm 1pcs 12pcs
04763 White gloss 4050mm 1pcs 12pcs
04595 Silver 6000mm 1pcs 12pcs
04590 Light brown 6000mm 1pcs 12pcs
04764 White gloss 6000mm 1pcs 12pcs

Gasket S04

Code Dimensions Length Item Collective packaging
20167 4.0 x 6.4 200 m 1 m 100 m

Masking profile Eden

Code Colour Length Item Collective packaging
04749 Silver 1100mm 1pcs 48pcs

Mounting bush for track Gemini

Code Item Collective packaging
20385 1pcs 1000pcs

Set for sliding door Eden

Code Number of wings Item Collective packaging
10226-SV 1 1set 12set
10227-SV 2 1set 12set
ApplicationSliding doors
Carriage systemBottom
Top guideBall bearing carriage
Bottom guideBall bearing carriage (load bearing)
Filling18 mm board
Max. door load35 kg
Max. handle length3000 mm
Max. track length6000 mm
Textile door stopsYes
Anti-dust brushesYes
Sales programmeComponents can be purchased separately
Decorative profile programmen/a

USAGE: free standing furniture, walk-in wardrobes.