About us

Lifetime warranty
for carriages

Our lifetime warranty applies to all Sevroll green carriages for sliding doors. This warranty confirms that top and bottom carriages are made of high quality steel, resistant to deformation.

Ball bearing carriages are produced in Smooth TEC technology and ensure silent and stable guidance. The carriages are protected from dust by a special casing. This allows for guaranteed longevity. Our carriages travel perfectly smoothly thanks to our special roller technology.

Our original products are easily recognised by green carriages or by a green ring.

Our Life time warranty for sliding systems is only valid with assembly of a complete Sevroll system.

Warranty conditions are available here. The warranty is valid only when a complete Sevroll system for sliding doors has been fitted.

Established brand

The Sevroll brand holds a strong market position. Sevroll has become recogniscible thanks to high quality products. Brand stability was achieved through consistent trade and advertising policies. Our partners have a high level of trust in us allowing Sevroll’s market position to be constantly growing.

Sevroll-System Sp. Z o.o. is a producer of sliding, folding, pull-apart and pathway door systems. Sevroll’s offer also includes a vast array of finishing profiles as well as built-in wardrobe systems. Sevroll was established within the Polish market in 1996 and is a clear class leader in its area of expertise. This has been confirmed by a multitude of awards, such as Furniture Diamond, Product of the Year Furniture Plus, Hit of Furniture Production.

Sevroll’s professional team, consisting of 110 people, have been managed by the same Board of Directors for many years. Their apt decisions have resulted in Sevroll-System being associated with high quality products sold at a reasonable price.

The number of trade partners, for whom the co-operation with Sevroll-System is incredibly cost-effective, has been increasing dynamically. Sevroll-System has been successfully selling through a vast network of distributors in Poland as well as abroad. Through our over 300 trade partners in furniture accessory brands, we distribute our products in Poland and in more than 30 other European, Asian, African and American countries.

Each of our trade partners is treated individually. We evolve alongside the demands and needs of our customers. We create new trends in the brand, allowing our trade partners to create a competitive edge.

Since 1996 we have implemented many innovative solutions in key operational areas. Our carriage systems are perfected and they come with a life time warranty. Having the greatest choice of systems available on the market, we created the most intuitive and most frequently used door design creation programme – Compositor. We also created a ‘unique to Europe’ centre of excellence.

Sevroll has its own, modern warehouses as well as a full transit fleet.

High quality

Our systems are characterised by reliability, ease of assembly, safety of use and functionality. This has been confirmed by a multitude of awards and achievements for industrial designs, as well as patent rights. We were first to offer a lifetime guarantee for our products.

High quality of products is achieved by:

  • designing, during which a team of specialists creates new products
  • making prototypes which help decide functionality and apt design
  • new product testing, which allows us to establish their longevity
  • constant control, during as well as after the process of production

Thanks to these operations we are able to give a long, 5 year guarantee for most of our products and lifetime warranty for our carriages!

Wide assortment

For 20 years Sevroll-System has been offering the widest selection on the market for sliding, folding and pull-apart door systems, as well as systems for built-in wardrobes and finishing profiles. We have been constantly searching for and introducing, new, better technological, construction and material solutions.

To meet our customers’ needs, we have prepared a rich offer which is permanently enlarged with new solutions. The offer comprises of 35 systems, differing in respect of their destination and construction. They have been arranged in four main groups as: sliding, folding, pull-apart doors and walk-in wardrobes.