Angle section K2- Decor

Code Colour Length Item Collective packaging
02934-Y 1700mm 1pcs 60pcs
00078 Silver 1700mm 1pcs 60pcs
00069 Light brown 1700mm 1pcs 60pcs
03459 Cognac with brushed effect 1700mm 1pcs 60pcs
03462 Black with brushed effect 1700mm 1pcs 60pcs
03460 2350mm 1pcs 60pcs
02935-Y 2350mm 1pcs 60pcs
00079 Silver 2350mm 1pcs 60pcs
00070 Light brown 2350mm 1pcs 60pcs
03463 Black with brushed effect 2350mm 1pcs 60pcs
03461 3000mm 1pcs 60pcs
02936-Y 3000mm 1pcs 60pcs
00080 Silver 3000mm 1pcs 60pcs
00071 Light brown 3000mm 1pcs 60pcs
03464 Black with brushed effect 3000mm 1pcs 60pcs

Track Micra

Code Colour Length Item Collective packaging
50233 Raw 1700mm 1pcs 50pcs
01117 Silver 1700mm 1pcs 50pcs
01114 Light brown 1700mm 1pcs 50pcs
50234 Raw 2000mm 1pcs 50pcs
50235 Raw 2350mm 1pcs 50pcs
01119 Silver 2350mm 1pcs 50pcs
01115 Light brown 2350mm 1pcs 50pcs
50236 Raw 3000mm 1pcs 50pcs
01120 Silver 3000mm 1pcs 50pcs
01116 Light brown 3000mm 1pcs 50pcs
01124 Gold 3000mm 1pcs 50pcs
50237 Raw 4000mm 1pcs 50pcs

Stopper Micra C

Code Item Collective packaging
10231 1set 500set

Silicone stoppers

Code Item Collective packaging
20011 1sheet 50sheet

Set MICRA C (1 door wing)

Code Number of wings Item Collective packaging
10199 1 1set 50set
Started Compositor 5
ApplicationSliding doors
Carriage systemBottom
Top guideBall bearing carriage
Bottom guideBall bearing carriage (load bearing)
Filling thickness16-50 mm
Filling typeBoard
Max. door load50 kg
Max. handle lengthn/a
Max. track length3000 mm
Textile door stopsn/a
Anti-dust brushesn/a
Sales programmeComponents can be purchased separately
Decorative profile programmen/a

USAGE: built-in furniture (walk-in wardrobes, wardrobes, attics).