IDEA is a perfect system for free standing wardrobes

Top and bottom track as well as carriages and guides are hidden behind the doors. As a result, with the door closed, system components are not visible. Thanks to minimal sizes even when the door is open, tracks are hardly visible, moreover it is possible to cover them with wood-like foil due to which they become practically invisible.

The ease of assembly is ensured by one track fixed to both top and bottom wreath of the wardrobe. Only the outer door slides in the top track, the remaining wings slide in the bottom track. Thanks to this solution there is less burden on the top wreath, it is less prone to bowing whilst the doors can slide interchangeably – they do not collide.

Massive top carriages with ball bearing rollers guarantee long lasting durability of carriage mechanisms. It is worth remembering that Sevroll offers a lifetime warranty on all of its carriages, including the ones used in IDEA. It is possible because our rollers are produced using special materials, resistant to many outer influences, and, thanks to proven production technology, the roller is smooth and of an ideal shape. The remaining elements of our carriages are precisely made of high quality steel, resistant to shape change and our ball bearings have an anti-dust casing.

Thanks to our technical solutions the user is guaranteed that they are using infallible products, created for long term use.

Main advantages of system IDEA

  • Hidden tracks.
  • Easy door wing regulation.
  • Universal track (top and bottom).
  • Smooth sliding rollers due to Sevroll technology.