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The main advantages of system COMPACT are:

  • Soft-closers hidden within the top track
  • Track masking profiles that wrap around the carcass front
  • Bottom carriages containing brush that cleans the track ahead of the rollers
  • Barely visible top and bottom tracks

COMPACT is an exclusive system for free-standing wardrobes

The main advantage of this system is its compact modern appearance blending perfectly with today’s trends: barely visible tracks, and a vast array of 18 mm board variety.

What most distinguishes COMPACT from other systems is soft-closers hidden within the top track. Track masking profiles that wrap around the carcass front – removing the need for edging on the top and bottom of the carcass.

Utilising our Finishing profile, which sits flush, also masks the screws securing the lower track. This gives the impression that all 3 lower profile elements are 1!

Top guides and bottom carriages are quipped with locking mechanisms, this greatly improves the ease of door installation and removal.

Innovatively, the bottom carriages sweep the track just ahead of the rollers. This ensures a silent glide and extends carriage lifespan.